Lukas Raeber
Technical College Bern

The new BFH Campus on the Weyermannshaus site positions the Bern University of Applied Sciences as an innovative institution for education and research within the national and international context of further education. The project is developed in a form analogous with a city: it is a machine for the production of teaching and research interspersed with a wealth of leisure and free-time activities. This brings about a multifaceted and productive campus life. In the urban situation the new campus, with its varied open spaces, opens up to the surrounding neighbourhoods. Two new building forms define the perimeter with simple volumes and also create a generous boulevard with an arched campus arcade that represents both the centre of the open space and the main entry points to the facility.

The northern block primarily incorporates public uses and the further education centre; it mediates between the university site and the scale of the nearby industrial and commercial buildings. The larger southern block includes teaching and study areas as well as the majority of the central infrastructure. The southern volume forms the spine of the boulevard. Through the use of recesses and courtyards, this building is also simply and logically organised into separate functional units.

On each side a section projecting towards the arcade creates the prelude to the longer building mass. At the entry point to each end of the arcade, catering facilities are located on the pedestrian level, functioning as anchors and enlivening the surrounding area. On ground level the campus arcade creates an access point to the entrances spaced along the building. Dramatic staircases, which run alongside the courtyards, are accessed via these entrances. These are further connected by inner arcades, spines that generously allow connection throughout each storey. Like the boulevard and the arcade outside, the arcades placed on each storey create collective spaces for exchange inside the building.

  • Architektur: Lukas Raeber & Caesar Zumthor, Kaspar Kappeler, Michal Rogucki, Luisa Overath
  • Landschaftsarchitektur: MOFA, Zürich
  • Fachplanung: wh-p Ingenieure, Drees & Sommer HLKS, Pro Engineering Elektroingenieure, Gartenmann Engineering Bauphysik, Rapp Infra Verkehrs- und Brandschutzplanung
  • Visualisierungen: Aron Lorincz Ateliers
  • Standort Objekt: Bern Weyermannshaus
  • Auftraggeberin: Amt für Grundstücke und Gebäude des Kantons Bern (AGG)
  • Nutzungsart: Fachhochschule
  • Projektjahr: Wettbewerb 2018
  • Geschossfläche: 70`200 m2
  • Gebäudevolumen: 319`500 m3
  • Baukosten: 286 Mio CHF
Die Campuslaube ist das verbindende Element auf dem neuen Standort der Fachhochschule Bern
Der innere Laubengang ist das Rückgrat jedes Stockwerks und verbindet sämtliche Nutzungen