Lukas Raeber
Two Antagonists

Two houses on the northern edge of the Sissach agglomeration are conceived of as twin buildings that mirror each other. Both are realised in solid-wall construction. Externally, all the key building elements appear as exposed concrete and ceiling-height glazing with revealed wooden framing. One closed concrete side of the building houses the staircase. This side forms the building’s spine and provides privacy from the neighbouring house. The three remaining facades are designed in a largely open and transparent way and are organised dynamically around an intimate inner courtyard, which includes the garden.

The courtyard is visible from all levels and creates lively connections between the spaces. At the same time this facilitates independent use of the rooms by individual residents.

The building levels are divided by function. The foundation level allows space for a double garage as well as a cellar and fitness room. The ground storey is a private sleeping level with an ideal bedroom arrangement for families with children. The upper storey is designed as a living space with the terrace to the front. On the roof is an additional terrace offering a view over the surrounding green spaces and forest.

Project Data


  • Lukas Raeber, Patrick Reuter