Lukas Raeber
House with a connecting loggia

As part of the projected renovation of Zurich’s Silvrettaweg housing development and the replacement of its central building, this project proposes to build a new central building that will serve as a new focal point for the development. Like the other postwar-era residential buildings in the neighborhood, the proposed new building is primarily oriented along an east-west axis. And, like the existing buildings, the new one is composed of two volumes, making it instantly identifiable as a semi-detached residence.

The building consists of three stories and a penthouse level. The layout of the penthouse corresponds to that of the adjoining volumes and emphasizes the structure’s longitudinal axis. The building’s most salient characteristic is that its two halves are in fact completely detached. Between them is a vertical opening in the form of a loggia, which makes up the heart of this residential structure. As the building’s central connecting element, the loggia’s inviting ambience makes it a neighborhood meeting point and a place of community. And the open area on the ground floor creates a new exterior access point, an additional axis that ties together the development and its many different outdoor spaces.

The exterior look of the new building is dominated by the addition of horizontal, vertical, and flat wood elements, unified by the color of the wood stain. In terms of volumetrics, the building is primarily divided into two volumes, which are linked by wood construction, simple geometries, and outdoor living spaces. While the individual structures are easily distinguished, the loggia’s utilitarian wood support structure and the structurally related balconies tie the building together into a whole. A third element, in the form of a spiral staircase, completes the composition. With its soft shape and metallic color accent, it forms the nexus and focus of the new building.

Project Data


  • Architecture: Flavio Thommen, Lukas Raeber
  • Landscape architecture: Usus Landschaftsarchitektur
  • Specialists: Moveo Baumanagment GmbH, WMM Ingenieure AG

Key Figures:

  • Project Year: invited competition 2019
  • Site: Silvrettaweg, ZH
  • Client: Stiftung UNIA
  • Use: Wohnungsbau
  • Floor area: 1`780 m2
The loggia provides spatial and social connection
The loggia is a central gathering place