Lukas Raeber
A Multifunktional Event Space

A carefully conceived new building for a canteen and multifunctional space is an elaboration of a site composed of several building elements. With the proposed structure as the ‘head building’, the campus layout is complemented and balanced. Width, length and height are derived from the existing buildings and adapted to the brief.

The arrangement of space is simple and clear. The multipurpose space with canteen function, which can be subdivided, and the multifunctional room are arranged on one level and can be joined together. These rooms have been designed as a long volume with a row of windows to one side and overhead lighting. If they are divided, three equal rectangular rooms are created, which can be used as classrooms.

In order that the construction can be undertaken economically, as many parts as possible are prefabricated. Attention is paid in the design to the use of few and the same building elements. In this respect the new architecture is differentiated from the existing buildings, in which many details were designed specifically for a given situation in an inefficient manner.

Project Data


  • Lukas Raeber, Patrick Reuter


  • WMM Ingenieure, Basel

Key Figures

  • Site: Rüti, Kanton Zürich
  • Client: Hochbauamt Zürich
  • Type of use: School, multy purpose space
  • Floor area: 475 m2
  • Volume: 2`098 m3
  • Constructino cost: BKP 2, 3.0 Mio CHF
Mit dem vorgeschlagenen Baukörper als „Kopfbau“ wird die Struktur des Campus komplettiert und ausgewogen.
Der unterteilbare Mehrzweckraum mit Aulafunktion und der Multifunktionale Raum sind in einer Raumschicht angeordnet und zusammenschaltbar.