Lukas Raeber
A new building for the theraputive pedagogy school: Competition 2.Prize

The Rumelbach school facility is formally continued through the new building for the Heilpädagogische Schule (HPS), completing the campus with the new, independent school unit. As a long, thin building volume with different heights, it creates, together with the existing school block, a well-proportioned intermediate space linking with the primary school’s exterior spaces, in which children from both schools will be able to meet and mix.

The new building is composed of three volumes that are brought together under an inviting projecting roof. To the north, the starting point is a single-storey, extended section which contains the childcare and multi-purpose spaces. Located in front of this section, and thus alongside the playground, is a generous overhanging roof. It invites children into the northern section of the site and draws them along the façade to the main entrance of the new three-storey building with classrooms and counselling spaces. The individual storeys are linked by a communication channel connected to the courtyard with staircase and lift systems. As the hinge of the building cluster this comes into contact with both usage areas and appears as an additional volume. While the individual building sections are clearly defined, they nonetheless come together as one entity and enter into sensitive dialogue with the pre-existing buildings.

Project Data


  • Architecture: Lukas Raeber and Estrada Reichen Architects: Christoph Reichen, Nicole Wallimann, Flavio Thommen, Lukas Raeber
  • Landscape architecture: Usus Landschaftsarchitektur
  • Specialists: Valke GmbH Baumanagment, Schnetzer Puskas Ingenieure AG, 3-Plan Haustechnik AG, Zostera Brandschutzplanung GmbH

Key Figures:

  • Project year: invited competition 2.Prize 2019
  • Site: School of Rümelbach, ZH
  • Client: Elementary School Rümlang
  • Use: Theraputive pedagogy school
  • Floor area: 2`270 m2
  • Volume: 8`993 m3
Der neue Schulplatz ist zentraler Ort des Austausches
Der Lichthof ermöglicht spannende Sichtbezüge innerhalb des neuen Hauses
Das neue Schulhaus fasst zusammen mit dem Bestand abwechselungsreiche Aussenräume