Lukas Raeber
Museum Regensburg
New Museum of Bavarian History

The new Museum of Bavarian History is positioned in a significant location on the Danube River in the middle of the city of Regensburg. The new museum building creates a poised impression, completing the previously unfinished city fragment. The working method lies in viewing the building volumes of the city as a single mass out of which empty spaces can be cut, akin to the ‘Nolli plan’. The resulting figure-ground relationship between built and spatial forms leads to a textured structure of buildings and volumes.

The main entrance is on the important Danube façade of the new building. Having entered the museum, the visitor arrives directly into a generous foyer. Attached to this, and arranged around the central courtyard, are spaces for temporary exhibitions or events. The route through the museum starts from the foyer via the central staircase and extends throughout the whole upper storey. In this manner a seamless historic sequence emerges.

The ‘Bayernhimmel’ or Bavarian Sky is the final space and it creates the zenith of the exhibition. The basic form of the Bayernhimmel room is cuboid and it can therefore be flexibly used. Nonetheless, it possesses an important singularity, for the room is surrounded and accentuated by a further spatial level. This pared-back zone consists of two opposing staircases that lead to a common destination from where the visitor enjoys a wonderful view of the old city, the Danube and the cathedral. From the exterior, the opening in the façade appears as a fresh interpretation of a classical frieze.

The opposing staircases both shift the height level and represent a sequence of interior to exterior, past to present. The city and its architecture and structure are understood as the theatre of daily life. The Bayernhimmel is a grandstand from which a view of our city stage is revealed, as well as the meeting point between the museum world within and the contemporary world outside. The common goal is a place of exchange, because every visitor experiences the city differently.

Project Data


  • Lukas Raeber
  • Patrick Reuter
  • Christoph Reichen


  • Rapp Arcoplan Generalplaner, Basel, Schweiz
  • Gruner Gebäudetechnik, Basel, Schweiz

Key Figures

  • Site: Regensburg, Bayern, Deutschland
  • Client: City of Regensburg
  • Type of use: Museum
  • Floor area: 7`230 m2
  • Volumen: 22`600 m3
  • Construction cost: 35 Mio CHF
Der “Bayernhimmel” ist der letzte Raum der Ausstellung und bildet den Höhepunkt
Um den zentrlen Hof sind alle temporär bespielbaren Räume angeordnet
Der neue Museumsbau komplettiert das noch unvollständige Stadtfragment