Lukas Raeber
Make Way

The task in hand is to remodel Lindenplatz, a park located at an attractive junction in Allschwil, in the Canton of Baselland . Various neighbouring shops, good public transport links and heavy pedestrian traffic combine to create a positive foundation for the new public space design. The project maintains the historic triangular form of the park and emphasises this by the planting of new lime trees (after which the site is named) along the street axes. Both the trees and the ground beneath them function as a ‘partition’ between street space and the central park. The partition creates a place for encounters, and offers space for a variety of uses such as a weekly market and a recreational area for young and old.

The partition encircles the large, open middle section, which can be used for major neighbourhood events such as the Lindenblütenfest (Lime Tree Blossom Festival) or the annual Open Air Kino Festival. The grassed centre is gravel turf, modelled in slightly convex form. This brings about a slight elevation of the park away from the lime-tree partition. The highest point of the central park is to be found to the north, where a large, round water fountain is located. The broad edge of the fountain offers attractive places to sit or lie.

A new pavilion with a kiosk will be placed on the tram station side. This is a point of mediation between commuters and park users. A large roof covers both the kiosk and the existing, newly boxed infrastructure substation. The newly created covered area beneath the roof draws the gaze to the park as a place to spend time.

Small lanterns illuminate the park at night, suspended in a chain through the lime-tree branches. They will appear as points of light that sway in the trees and light up the ground. With these, Lindenplatz will also be a pleasant, atmospheric space at night.

Project Data
  • Architecture: Lukas Raeber
  • Landscape architecture: Westpol
Key Figures
  • Site: Allschwil BL
  • Client: Einwohnergemeinde Allschwil
  • Type of Use: Design of a squale
  • Year: Study by invitation 2019
  • Floor Area: 4`800 m2
  • Construction Cost: 2.3 Mio CHF
Der neu geschaffene, gedeckte Ort unter dem Dach lädt mit Blick auf den Platz zum Verweilen ein
Der neue klar gefasste Lindenplatz