Lukas Raeber
Kjpk Basel
Competition entry 5. Price

The new Adolescent and Child Psychiatry Clinic is a two-storey courtyard building composed of three adjoining, horizontally arranged building elements located behind existing facilities. Considered projections and indentations in the clinic’s façade reveal its division into different departments. Two courtyards and a central utility area subdivide the new structure. The play of scale achieved in relation to the building’s depth and length responds particularly to the structure of previous development in the UPK campus and generates a balanced composition. It also creates a complementary structure thanks to its design, which is characteristic of courtyard building. The design layout enables efficient internal organisation and circulation that is also well lit.

A new wood-clad building emerges, marked by dynamic spatial connections and tranquil external spaces.

Project Data


  • Lukas Raeber
  • Patrick Reuter


  • Rapp Arcoplan Generalplaner: Thomas Stegmaier, Margot Meier
  • Hermann Partner Energietechnik
  • Rapp Verkehrstechnik
  • Westpol Landschaftsarchitekten: Andy Schönholzer

Key Figures

  • Site: Basel, UPK Campus
  • Client: Universitäre Psychiatrische Klinik
  • Type of use: Clinic
  • Floor area: 7`270 m2
  • Volumee: 25`000 m3
  • Construction cost: 29 Mio CHF
Ein zweigeschossiges Hofgebäude aus Holz: Die neue Adresse des Klinikcampus
Zwei Höfe und eine zentrale Funktionszone gliedern den neuen Baukörper.