Lukas Raeber

The apartment is arranged around an interior with a loft-like character that delivers a variety of qualities. Thanks to the pre-existing roof construction, the space can feel both open and generous, or cosy. This enables different moods in a single flowing space. The central theme of the attic conversion was how to deal with the existing materials, taking into account the volumes formed by the pitched roof.

The given building structure was conceptually evolved in a coherent manner and this defines how the interior is finished. The building elements are coloured in restrained white or use high-quality, smooth materials. This is in contrast to the rustic grandeur of the old, heavy floorboards, the effect of which is accentuated through their surface treatment. The floorboards continue throughout the entire space, which significantly contributes to the building’s atmosphere.

Openings arranged at various heights create, through their precise placement, engaging links with the surroundings. The generous roof lights also allow natural light to penetrate far into the living space.
The fireplace forms a central accent in this urban yet secluded place. It floats weightlessly over the old, rustic wooden floor. It can also be turned in all directions, to be used and observed from any spot in the room.

Project Data


  • Marc Bieri
  • Lukas Raeber


  • Philippe Holenstein
Feuerstelle als zentrales Element
Küche als Ort der Zusammenkunft