Lukas Raeber
Monolith surrounded by greenery

A generously canopied area forms the arrival point to the new crematorium. The high roof of the space creates a covered entry for visitors. The composed space allows calm and easy orientation.

A single flight of stairs beginning on the side of the lime walk leads the visitor to the entrance. Once in the upper storey, a visitor’s room awaits. At the end of this room is a large, ceiling-height window which dynamically reflects light and the park landscape beyond thanks to the application of various different glass treatments.

The building is clad in stone: a reddish sandstone from the region, nearby Alsace, which blends attractively into the green surroundings and integrates seamlessly with the existing plaster and sandstone buildings. The stone panels are of a consistent height and of different widths. The building’s horizontality is accentuated. Individual themes and motifs can be rendered in the stone’s structure. The building thus appears as a stable, established structure.

Project Data


  • Patrick Reuter
  • Lukas Raeber

Structural Engineer

  • Ulaga Partner, Basel
Ein überdachter Platz bildet die Ankunftssituation
Die Glaseinsätze des Fensters nehmen das Licht und die Parklandschaft spannungsvoll auf